Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fav Item Contest II

It's time again for the favorite item contest. Votes will be tallied Friday at 7:00pm central time. If your item is listed as one to vote for you can place a vote but you can also encourage your friends to vote for you as well! Again, the winner will have a link to their shop placed in my etsy shop for the entire week. This week I'm doing a theme of small carrying cases. Also, the names above the pics are links to that person's shop. Support handmade and I hope you enjoy : )

GEOmetricSTYLE _hine_

mabellecherie __mareri_

brokesy ____Upstyle__

charmdesign _QuietDoing_


  1. Thank you for featuring my clutch purse from my MaBelleCherie shop on etsy. It's just not right to vote for myself, so I'm voting for the clutch made by Upstyle. I just love it.

  2. Love Mabellecherie's purses . . .maybe just 'cause I am a bead addict, but I love the way gems are added as an accent on the purses!

  3. I love Mabellecherie's clutch purse.

  4. Just loving the clutch by Mabellecherie.

  5. Mabellecherie's clutches are all stunning designs and such classic pieces... love her extra touch with the gemstone charms too!

  6. My favorite is the clutch by MaBelleCherie! I love that bold geometric print! <3