Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fav Item Contest 5

Just in case things aren't going to just right, just remember....
"Every lil' thing, is gonna be alright"
That inspired this contest's theme. Here is a reminder of the rules:

1) You cannot vote for yourself
2) You CAN encourage your friends to vote for you
3) Results will still be tallied Thursdays by 7:00 pm (central time)
4) A link to the winning item's shop will be placed on my etsy shop homepage!

Vote by placing a comment with the mention of your favorite item.

Happy voting, here are this week's items:

nakedtile ..... myzoetrope

chicalookate ..... artschoolgirl

avantcore ..... LittlemDesign

diction ..... owlyshadowpuppets


  1. thanks for including my piece.

    is the theme from a Wilco song?

    and lastly... just how do people vote? comment?

  2. i vote for the diction hands! how do you vote?

  3. I vote for avantcore!

    Thank you for featuring my earrings!


  4. Diction has my vote too!