Thursday, November 26, 2009

* Gobble Gobble *

Happy Turkey Day everyone!
I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Holiday and time away from work (hopefully!)
Just wanted you all to know I won't be having a favs contest today or a Thrifty Thursday post this week because of the holiday.
Gobble Gobble : )

Monday, November 23, 2009

Topic Tuesday - Murals and Memories

It was bitter sweet staying with my parents this past weekend. My old room, which I have not "lived" in for about four or five years now, has now been repainted. Thankfully they left my tiger mural up which I even included glow in the dark paint for the eyes and teeth. (That first night sleeping with him looking at me was very creepy!)

Many memories of living in that room including my entire wall montage filled with random picture of friends, postcards, posters, and old artwork from high school. I am so grateful that my parents allowed me the freedom to be creatively expressive and draw/paint etc on the walls of that bedroom!
Above is another mural I was working on but never got to finish (which now hides under fresh tan paint). It was during a time when I was studying Japanese calligraphy and characters which I never had the patience to end up mastering.

Below is a leopard I had also started sketching to paint but never got that far.
The memories are bitter sweet. Lots of imagination and creativity was sparked in that room. However, I am very honored that this room has now morphed into the family's music room so I know the creativity will live on!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Favorite Green with Envy Item!

The Secret Garden Hat created by OnYourHead was voted this week's favorite item : )

Thrifty Thursday: Hassle Free Time Saver

The Miche bag is definitely one purchase that would free up a lot of my time and minimize so much of the hassle of my day! I am always switching up the hand bag I'm carrying and constantly end up leaving something important in the previous bag I was carrying. With this bag, you just transfer the inside of your bag that holds all your things into new "shells."

Here's how it works:

They do cost more than your thrift store purse purchase but considering the price you would pay for a nice stylish purse they seem so worth it to me!

(I really want to save up for this Lexi bag!!!)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Green with Envy

Here are this week's favs.

Leave a comment with your favorite item but as always
please do not vote for yourself : )

Voting will end Thursday at 7:00pm.

*the winner's shop will have a link up in my shop for the next week*

1. countrywindows - 8x10 photo 2. flapperfashions - stud earrings 3. julieandco - thread ball

4. LittleDande - posie pin 5. OnYourHead - secret garden hat 6. sabbio - ACEO - The Hope Carrier

7. terrabellaaccents - wavy basket 8. YayLut - leaf earrings

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Topic Tuesday - New Project

When you're crazy busy, you should start on a brand new project, right? I have been busy, busy making quite the mess of our office this week! I've been working on creating new photo notebooks/sketchbooks for StudioHaus (and myself!) I am constantly making lists or needing to jot something down so my scattered brain doesn't forget.

I even created a few with a little pocket inside for keeping little treasures close by : )

Above is the finished first attempts at making these 4x6 notebooks. Once I get the hang of these you can expect to see them at StudioHaus!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Favorite Hint of Red Item

The favorite item this week were these earrings by JulieEllynDesigns !

Thrifty Thursdays - Gifts under $5

The holidays can be tight this year.
That's why I thought I'd feature some great gifts that you can get for less than five bucks!

1. 5andUnder - earrings $2.00 2. Selective - body butter $4.00 3. MadShiny - plush owl $4.00
4. ChristadeMayo - flower notecard $2.00 5. StarbornAlchemy - lip balm $3.00 6. RiversideCrafts - bookmark $1.50
7. LydibugDesigns - Chiefs gift card holder $.499 8. maoiliosa - pocket mirror $3.00 9. layla - rose bath fizzies $3.00
10. PrettyPixels - nerd pin $1.50 11. FoldedFancy - lego keychain $3.95

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hints of Red Features

Featuring favorites with hints of red and other items that I really liked.

Please vote for your fav by placing a comment but
please don't vote for yourself!
Voting will end Thursday at 7:00pm.

The winning item's shop will have a link in my shop announcements
until next week's contest!

** Happy Voting **

1. 7seventeengallery - moth drawing 2. lacravatteduchien - swirl necklace 3. paulandkatestudio - amber pot
4. orlydesign - ceramic birds 5. EverLastingLeaves - concrete leaf 6. JulieEllynDesigns - earrings
7. FlowersForRealJewelr - pendant 8. KatalinaJewelry - coral necklace

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Topic Tuesday - Craft Fairs

Just last Saturday I did another craft show. husband worked most of the day because I had "real job" duties to do. I was amazed at how well the show went because I was one of about 10 booths. It was the smallest show I have done so far. However, I made the same amount of money with less people coming through!? I know it doesn't make sense to me either but I'm definitely not complaining.

My husband also helped me a couple weeks ago by painting the screen that I hang all of my pictures on.

Here is the before:

(the screen is now black!)
The above is also from my most recent show. He sold a lot of stuff for me : )

Below in red I've circled a little of what was sold after I left my husband to man the booth:

It was definitely fun to dig through my stuff later to find out what was sold and what I still have left!

Also, a big thank you to my Aunt who let me know about the show and took care of the booth fee and everything for me. Couldn't have done this without you!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thrifty Thursdays - Sites that Save

This week I'd thought I'd share with you some neat sites that will save you money!

The first one I've known about for a little while now and you may have heard of it too but is a great place to find coupons on good name brand household items. You can even save on things like your next visit to Sears Portrait Studio or Chuck E. Cheese's.

The next site, was shared with me by my co-worker just this week. From this site you can order various items at disount prices and there's no membership fee. They also compare prices to other sites and will keep track of what you have and find you coupons for what you buy.

Last but not least, I enjoy browsing just to see what kind of bargains are out there. It shows online sites like overstock but also shares deals from your regular brick and mortar's like Toys R Us and Macy's.

Hopefully this week was not too much like an infomercial and no I'm not getting paid for sharing this information with you (I wish!). I just love getting a good deal and paying nothing for something : )

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~ Yellow Submarine ~

This week's theme for the favs contest focuses on bright
yellow items!

Please leave a comment with your pick
but don't vote for yourself : )

The winner will have a link to their shop in mine for until next week's contest!

1. jmatkovi - apple cozy 2. TheMossGarden - pollen necklace 3. vsilcoxdesigns - candle
4. echoart - walnut dish 5. BearlyTimeToScrap - ducky 6. jenniferladd - zipper pouch
7. sarahkdesigns - bird print 8. lunarbelle - earrings 9. pinkfairydesigns - beaded

~ Voting will end Thursday at 7:00pm ~