Monday, November 23, 2009

Topic Tuesday - Murals and Memories

It was bitter sweet staying with my parents this past weekend. My old room, which I have not "lived" in for about four or five years now, has now been repainted. Thankfully they left my tiger mural up which I even included glow in the dark paint for the eyes and teeth. (That first night sleeping with him looking at me was very creepy!)

Many memories of living in that room including my entire wall montage filled with random picture of friends, postcards, posters, and old artwork from high school. I am so grateful that my parents allowed me the freedom to be creatively expressive and draw/paint etc on the walls of that bedroom!
Above is another mural I was working on but never got to finish (which now hides under fresh tan paint). It was during a time when I was studying Japanese calligraphy and characters which I never had the patience to end up mastering.

Below is a leopard I had also started sketching to paint but never got that far.
The memories are bitter sweet. Lots of imagination and creativity was sparked in that room. However, I am very honored that this room has now morphed into the family's music room so I know the creativity will live on!


  1. I have been out of my parents house for almost two years now. I had made a collage out of random things I found, stickers, magazine clippings and such, on my door. When I moved out, my room was turned into my mom's craft room, which like your old room, makes me feel better knowing that it's for a creative purpose. Well, my brother is 18 and lives with my praents still and he liked the door collage so when I moved out he switched out his door for the collaged one. Kinda made me feel warm and fuzzy. :) Likewise, I think it's neat that your parents left your tiger mural up. :)

  2. ahh that's really cool...I have a younger brother as well and he plays guitar and enjoys hanging out in my old room playing his guitar...