Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rainy Fireworks

I absolutely love fireworks but not as much as my husband! Putting on fireworks shows is just one of his hobbies. Since I enjoy taking pics so much, I always tag along to his shows to grab some shots. It's always great because he can get me where the normal crowds can't go and I often get some of my greatest shots this way.

A couple weeks ago, he put on his last fireworks show as a student at the schools block party. Even though this was one of his best shows yet, I have never been to such a stormy rainy fireworks show in my life. It was difficult getting pics without getting my camera completely drenched. Half-way through the show I realized that my lens had tons of water droplets on it and was worried that I was missing some great shots and screwing up my camera at the same time. However, the droplets on the lens created beautiful reflections of the lights from the fireworks and made for some dreamy shots.

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  1. HEY LADY!! I LOVE LOVE your pictures!!! I miss ya! I Lost my phone and I don't have your number!! I am feeling very deprived of one of my best gfs in the world! Call me asap!! loves you!!!!!! love-Chelle Belle