Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Fav Item Contest 9

I'd like to do something a little differently this week! In addition to the item contest, I would like to do a hidden theme contest. There will still be a theme this week "Pieces of Turquoise." However, there is also a hidden theme. The first person to guess correctly by leaving a comment will win a prize! Only one guess per person. Note: You DO NOT have to be an etsy seller to win. Clue: Something these etsy stores have in common.

Here are the rules for the favorite item contest:

1) You cannot vote for yourself
2) You CAN encourage your friends to vote for you
3) Results will still be tallied Thursdays by 7:00 pm (central time)
4) A link to the winning item's shop will be placed on my etsy shop homepage!

Vote by placing a comment with the mention of your favorite item.

Happy voting, here are this week's items:

mistflowerphoto ..... InfiniteGlam

43schreiber .......... benesglass


  1. fav is that sweet birds pillow...and is the answer fairly new shops with no sales?

  2. My favourite is the Benes pendant. Is the theme celestial?

  3. Hi! :) Thanks for the feature!
    I also think the answer is shop with no sales yet!
    My favorite...I'll pick the sea necklace from galleryzooartdesigns. All great picks though!

  4. My favorite is 43schreiber. That piece is really incredible. Is the theme talented artists on line?

  5. My favorite was that copper piece from 43schreiber. It looks so unique. Is the theme the place to buy & sell all things handmade?

  6. My favorite is definitely the necklace from galleryzooartdesigns. The colors are great and it is beautifully crafted.

  7. my favorite is the cute pillow from thecozynest! Love trees and birds!

  8. Galleryzooartdesigns....all the way!