Monday, January 24, 2011

New Year, New Blog

Most people by now have calculated their new year's resolutions but I'm one who is a little bit behind. I of course will add to my list to be healthier, lose weight, and save more money. However, I am adding to my list revamping the blog (as you can see has started with a new banner!) as well as goals for my shop to sell three times as much as I did last year. Hey, why not shoot for the stars?

It's always nice to have goals for the new year but how will I get there? This year for each goal I have I'm making it more specific. For example, I'd like to lose weight is very vague. So I put it into to perspective and say I'd like to lose 15 lbs by June (I'm already 2lbs down for the year!). Then, each week I break down into what exercises I will do such as three days of cardio and two days of circuit training. This method is helping me stick to a plan to get to my end goal. I'm doing this with each resolution and its helping me take each one day at a time. What are you doing to make sure you reach your New Year's goals? Have you already abandoned them? (No need to feel bad, I still have my Christmas tree up!)

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