Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Etherial Favs Contest

"Etherial and Pure"

Please vote for you favorite item by posting a comment.
The shop of the winning item will have a link placed in my shop for the week.

Please do not vote for yourself.

Happy voting everyone!

1. DeliaDeLyons

2. paperhill

3. cottagerosedecor

4. Babayagada

5. marblemadness

6. castleandcottage

7. AKrauseStudio

8. LaViejaTunTun


  1. thank you so much for including my cuff in your feature!

  2. Thank you for choosing Cottage Rose in your contest! I look forward to the results..

  3. Thanks for including my barefoot sandals in your collection!

    Cast my vote for #1 - it's really pretty :)

  4. Hi Thanks fo including my necklace!!!

    I vote for #3 Pink and White Hydrangea Topiary

  5. My vote is #6: Love the shabby chic!

  6. What an honor! Thankyou so much Adrienne!
    Tough to choose but I'm going with feminine and just lovely!

  7. As you can see, DeliaDeLyons is the winner!

    Thanks for voting and for those who participated!!

  8. You put together such a beautiful collection!

    I love everything here :)

    Thanks so much for choosing my earrings, this has brought a big smile to my face :) Really made my day!!