Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring in Flight

Spring's flying in quickly (thankfully!).
Here are some lovely items to enjoy until winter officially clears up!
To vote, leave a comment of your fav but
please don't vote for yourself!
Voting ends Thursday at 2:00pm.
Winning item's shop will be featured in my shop announcements
until next week's contest : )

1. redrubyrose - clutch 2. donnageissler - flower photo 3. ChristineC - spring necklace
4. prendasbyenid - leaf bracelet 5. BrigaBauble - cuff links 6. gossimarwings - butterfly necklace
7. thewaughdrobe - ring 8. AVAoriginal - flower necklace 9. lisaroy - ipod/iphone case


  1. I wouldn't dream of voting for myself :)

    Hard to choose, but my vote goes to number 6, the butterfly by gossimarwings. Beautiful!

  2. Ok I just visit each store and my vote goes to #1. That is a beautiful clutch!

  3. They're all beautiful but...#3 really caught my eye!

  4. some really beautiful items from some awesome shops... thank you for sharing... I love #5 the little flapper girl cuff links.. they are so much fun :)

  5. I'm voting for #1 - the clutch. How beautiful!!

  6. I'm voting for #2 the Hydrangeas, they are my favorite flower. Everything else is beautiful too!

  7. Oh - I can't wait for spring....! I vote for the iphone case!

  8. I love #2 the hydrangea! Great selection!